Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site where almost 2/3rd of the world’s population is registered and no other platform could be more appealing and reachable then it with ease. It is noted that people from all class and clan uses this feature and it provides a simple opportunity to add a human face in any organization or brand. It is easy to build a group here through which you can catch the same minded people. It is one of the most dominant playgrounds of internet where every now and then the magic of innovation is added. It could be describe as a perfect tool that connects advertisers to the users without much effort. You could reach the precise niche markets and target exact audience through it by maintaining the geographical area and other personal information in mind.

The services that we have for you are:

  • Development of Facebook page- the bespoke Facebook page meeting your requirement are develop, design and maintain by us.
  • Facebook Audience Identification- searching and targeting the ideal audience to cater your requirement within your budget.
  • Statistical monitoring-Google analytics and Facebook Insights together give the feedback of your campaign. The details include the demographic data of the entity who are engaged in your page and ads.
  • Creative designing- unique images for your ads are built by us to attract your targeted audience along with some creative designs.
  • ROI- monthly you are acknowledged with the ROI performance of yours by our team through detailed reports.
  • Development of ads to generate likes over your ads and page is done regularly by us to generate traffic.

At Alpixn, we leverage the social media to win and engage your targeted audience so that the sales of your service or product could be increased. We manage several campaigns of social advertising for our endless satisfied clienteles. We claim to know the effect of social media advertising through Facebook then any other company. We serve diverse solution of Facebook advertising solution to cater your exact budget and need by generating new leads and developing huge branding.

Facebook has also developed with pace in the video platform over internet and it was researched that 4/5th of the video interactions are taking place through it. It is simple to hit your coveted users through the option of advanced precision targeting over Facebook. When you share your story through the medium of video over Facebook, the audiences actually watches, engages and shares them and finally feels immediately relevant to the brand that you want to establish. Autoplay option in this feature turns it too effective for you.

We target the right audience for you and keep regular monitor over your profile so that you could enjoy the maximum benefit through our services.





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