YouTube Advertising

The impacts of online videos are understood by millions of advertisers and slowly they have started to dig the benefits of engaging with this advertisement platform. The impact that it will have on the potential clientele is also understood by them. The most important thing to notice about online video advertising is the accuracy by which it targets the audience and the endless route by which you can exploit these ads, our team members could easily learn about the geographical boundaries, gender and the device utilized by the user.

Alpixn supplies a technology layer to be developed on the peak of YouTube’s API so that advertisers could enjoy the benefits of huge scale and brand safety through the aid of video campaigns. Every minute YouTube is reported to upload 400+ hours video and for sure it could be declared as internet video’s undisputed king for sure. The sheer number and uniqueness of unique content allow you to target the fixed audience with the right set of content at the appropriate time. We ensure that viewers never leave the video before turning your fans and finally your paying clients.

Content Curation

We design customized, exclusive, innovative and unique segments of stock so that it hits your aim accurately than by simply employing the tools of YouTube.

Brand safety and complete transparency

Brands can actually layer these particular consumer sections onto their own YouTube campaigns so that the requirement of unprecedented brand safety could be maintained while managing the transparency and view ability which are the major areas of concern by any demanding advertisers. Our solution has a complete reparation and rapidly growing blacklisting process we tailor for each and every campaign.

Rapid optimization

We ensure that the scale and relevancy of our customer is never sacrificed while working over the goals of our client. In case if any video is unable to meet the targeted result then we immediately drop them and scale to what works with optimal content.

Reporting and insight

The technology layer adopted by our team filters campaign via behavioral analytics process and TVx content to create something to suit the tailor requirement of client so that they appear unique to their target audience. In order to make this interaction session better we portray their requirement in a better way to the viewers. The complete summary reports of every campaign with a key note for future reference along with social video inventories are made available through this system.






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